chapter 4

Michael, fell down of the boat called th Peggy Sue, he fell with stella, his sheepdog. Stella wasn't with him.Michael was terrified the lights of the Peggy Sue went away. He thought of sharks, cruising the black waters under him. He will die. Eaten by sharks or drowned slowly. There wasn't anything to swim towards. Then he saw something white, in a second he thought of Stella, but i couldn't be, stella was black. It was his ball. He clung on it. Finally he fell asleep. He was rescued by someone. Michael finally get up because of a load noise. STELLA!!! They were on the sand of an island. Somebody has rescued them. After that he fell asleep in the middle of the island. When he woke up he was bitten by mosquitoes. Michael found a bowl of water, bananas and fish. He lit a fire with a glass, and with leaves. He was adapting. When he got in the forest to get more leaves, an orangutan was scooping sand to the fire, when Michael realized, it was not an orangutan, it was a man. SUMMERY BY: C.S edited by a.h